Good to know…

The site of the Spiegeltent.

The measurements of the site have to be large enough to accommodate the Spiegeltent, see plans for each tent.

A Spiegeltent has to be erected from horizontal so the site has to be reasonably flat. The site elevation may change no more than 30cm in 30m.

The soil can be: lawn, concrete, tiles… the soil only has to be hard  and dry. (of course no swamp!).

The building up of the Spiegeltent

During the construction we don’t need electricity; the building up of the Spiegeltent is only manual work.

The building up of a Spiegeltent is hard labour for our crew, 1001 pieces are being installed immediately. That’s why it is very important that, during the construction & deconstruction, our truck must reach the exact place of construction, maximum 3m. to walk between tailboard truck & entrance of the Spiegeltent. (It is out of the question to walk with our antique mirror through rain or snow, as you can understand…)

Our truck with trailer has to reach the site via an easy route, no soft ground or narrow alleys.

Our truck + trailer has the maximum accepted dimensions :

Total length = 16m.    Width = 2,55m.          Height = 4m.       Total weight = 30 to 40 Ton

To build up the construction of the Spiegeltent, we have to put 4 stakes in the ground.

If this is impossible:

For example because the soil is to hard … or tiled … so forbidden for some reason…

Than the client has to provide 4 other fixing-points e.g.  4 cars during +/- 3 hours or some trees in the surrounding area can maybe also be of any use.

These fixing-points are only at use for temporarily attaching ropes.

This is only required during the building up of the construction beforenoon(from +/- 10.30h till 13.00h) During the dismantling in the afternoon (from +/- 13.00h till 18.00h.)

Floors and stage

The Spiegeltent is always supplied with wooden floors and a stage.

Size of the stage, see plan


Our standard-tables are the original “fairground-tables” (+/- 50 x 90cm)

It’s OK to drink a beer… To serve dinner you have to replace these for e.g. a round table Æ 1,40m or 1,50m.

To prevent misunderstandings, be aware we only rent Spiegeltents, no extra tables & chairs, …

Ceiling in velour’s

The Spiegeltent is decorated with a fireproof ceiling (M1). On your request we can fax you the concerning certificate.

PVC canvas

The roof covering is made of fireproof PVC (M2). On your request we can fax you the concerning certificate.

The roof of Spiegeltent “La Gaieté” is not in PVC but in aluminium.


This is only a tabletop; there is no tap and no sink. (no fridges) The tabletop consist of three parts, it’s possible to leave out 1 part (mostly the middle-one) here you can place a mobile tap.

Drainage & water supply

Under the bar is a hole of Æ 15 cm provided in the floor for the drainpipe.

The water pipe has to come in the same way.

Fire extinguishers

The lessee has to take care of the presence of less 2 fire extinguishers.


In the corner behind the bar, lessee has to provide here a multiple socket where we can put in our 5 plugs for the lighting and the emergency lighting (220 VOLT)

If possible, to provide electricity the day of construction +/- 15h,  to check our lamps


Our standard lighting:  = atmosphere lighting (lamps 40 WATT/piece)

  • 2 x 6 ball lamps around the dance floor
  • 3 ball lamps above the bar
  • 2 ball lamps in the entrance

We provide 4 x emergency lighting (to European standards) at the emergency exits and at the exits at both sides of the dance-floor.



If you want to provide heating in the Spiegeltent, then during the construction we can replace one of our wooden panels for a panel with hole of Æ 60 cm.  So that the ‘the tube’ of the hot-air-heating can enter the tent there.

To prevent misunderstandings, we only rent Spiegeltents, no heating-systems, …

Hang up & attachment of extra lights, loudspeakers … flowers

If necessary we provide iron bars of Æ 5 cm on top of the mirror-posts (= pillars around the dance floor, on a level of +/- 3,10m).

Attention: Our authentic Spiegeltenten are in perfect condition! It’s strictly forbidden to nail, screw, staple, or to make any other damage on the Spiegeltent.

If you have to attach something, e.g. electricity cables or advertising, you have to do this with plastic strips or “zip ties”.

Please let us know if you require any further information, we’re always at your service…

Kind regards,

May & Willy Klessens

Tom, Johnny, Kim & Crew

Klessens Family, up to the fourth generation…

Spiegeltenten BVBA, Klaterstraat 8, B-2310 Rijkevorsel                  BTW BE0864.467.958

Tel. 0032 474 28 38 00          fax: 0032 33 14 11 93